With our client Cornerstone Auto, we are working closely with the city of Elk River to create a dynamic look and feel for their new hockey arena. The space was designed to inspire with messaging and images that support Elk River’s values, while staying true to it’s sponsor, Cornerstone Auto’s values.

Elk River’s Star News published an article about our clients involvement in the project branding and support:

“From the moment we stepped in we were completely wowed by the scope, scale and ambition of this project,” Rob Powell, the vice president of Cornerstone Automotive Group, said in a prepared statement. This event center represents a big leap forward for Elk River entertainment, athletic and recreation space. “The Cornerstone family has been a proud member of this community since 1972, and we intend to continue our support and advocacy for all things Elk River.”

Blue Tricycle, a Minneapolis branding and design firm that has Cornerstone as a client, is working on the branding of the Arena No. 1 that will integrate the automotive dealer and the community to create quite an experience.