Marketing Initiative for an Outdoor Event & Concert at the Daytona International Speedway


Heroes Honors Festival / Engage Your Destiny

Brand Strategy / Print Communications / Website Development / Social Campaigns / In-Bound Marketing / Event Wear / Wayfinding Signage / B-to-C Marketing / Copywriting / Marketing Materials  / Event Give-a-ways / Photography

Working with Engage Your Destiny, Blue Tricycle stepped in as Webmaster, Senior design consultants and social media team to work with a Marketing team to launch the very first Heroes Honor Festival in Daytona Beach International Speedway. The event was created to honor Vietnam Veterans and as a welcome home that they never received when returning from the conflict. The marketing team was tasked with creating and planning the in-bound marketing, social media assets, brand management, event signage and event merchandise. The team worked together to communicate to the Veterans and public about new Country Music Artists and Guest Speakers attending the event, as they were signed on. Guests included Toby Keith and other Country Music Artists, Gov. Ron DeSantis, Ann-Margret, Lt. Col. Oliver North, and even Clark the Bald Eagle! The event also featured the second largest traveling stage in the US, surrounded by signage and marketing materials that were designed to be patriotic,  while  showcasing American pride and appreciation for our Armed Forces. 

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