Branding and product design for an outdoor retail company specializing in creating logo wear and products that center around being outdoors as a lifestyle.


Outdoor Love

Logo / branding / business system / marketing materials / logo wear / website design & development / e-commerce  /  product design  / packaging design  /  social media strategy  /  photography

The result provided a strong family of logos that represent the shield for security with entry and exit points for protection from security penetration, while also representing the interconnectivity of and partnership of company and it’s partners using the assessment program. The colors represent a bold future, and dependability and reliability in a corporate marketplace.

The logo was created as a heart for the “love of outdoors”, a tress for the forests and arrows pointing “up north”. The triangle representing mountains and landscape in the distance as a place to travel to. The braning colors represent the browns of the earth and the blues of the sky.